The Renaissance Resurgence

I know this palette has probably been all over your feeds for months and months...but how could anyone ever get sick of looking at it!? I have had the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette for a good couple of months now, and like everyone else, I've fallen in love with it. I purchased mine from Beautylish for $42 (USD) which I would highly recommend! Fast shipping and much cheaper than buying from the ABH website, Sephora AU or Beauty Bay. Keep reading for swatches and my full thoughts!


In the Spotlight // Kelapa Organics

Ah...remember coconut oil? The miracle product that had everyone slathering it all over their bodies and swilling it in their mouths? Turns out, it actually is good for something - skincare! It just won't solve all of your problems ;) . Not too long ago, Kelapa Organics popped up on my radar; a Melbourne-born brand that is 100% natural, uses organic ingredients, is cruelty free and has environmentally friendly packaging. Their hero ingredient is, of course, coconut oil which explains their name 'Kelapa' which means coconut in Indonesian, as Tannya very helpfully pointed out! They very generously gifted me three products to try out; the Cream Cleanser, Face Oil and Night Cream which I have been using for the past few months and am here to share my thoughts on!


My Top 6 Movies of 2016

To continue with rounding up my favourite things from 2016, today I'm coming at you with my favourite movies from last year! I had so much fun writing up this post for 2015 that I had to do it again! I watched quite a few movies last year, but I actually had a bit of trouble formulating this list. I think a lot of the movies I saw were pretty average, or good at best. There were, however, definitely a few standouts that I have to tell you guys about! As always, I'm no film critic and these are just the movies I enjoyed watching the most in 2016! I also haven't seen all the movies I wanted to yet - I really want to watch Arrival which is apparently v good, and The Edge of Seventeen! Warning, this post may be rambly... :P


The Best of 2016

Aaaaaand...we're back! I hope you guys had a relaxing break and lovely holiday period! I didn't intend to take such a long(ish) break but I ended up being super busy with work (yay retail) and spending time with family! It's about that time though for a big ol' round up of all of my favourite products of the past year! I hope y'all aren't too bored of seeing these posts! :P As always, I'm mentioning the products I loved last year, regardless of whether they're new or old! I tried not to go too overboard, but I also didn't overly limit myself. If you're a seasoned reader of mine, none of these will be a surprise (I don't think!)! Let's dive in!


Light Those Cheeks Up

Can't quite believe it's only a few days until Christmas but alas, here we are! While I didn't go ham with the holiday releases this year, one product that majorly stood out to me was the Smashbox Light It Up L.A. Lights Palette. This is my first product from Smashbox and it's definitely a brand I want to explore more (HEllooo Covershot eyeshadow palettes!). This palette contains nine face powders - a mix of blushes, highlighters and a bronzer - and is absolutely incredible value for money!  It contains almost 40g of product for a mere $57. That is like CRAZY good. Anyway - I'm here today to give you the full rundown on the palette! I probably left this a little late (sorry!) but maybe you guys need a last minute gift idea?? It seems to be out of stock online at the moment ( :( ) but you may still be able to find it instore at Mecca!