Five Spring Nail Polishes

Seeing as spring is basically in full swing, I thought I'd better start getting in the mood for it! When it comes to spring, the very first thing that pops into my head is pastel nail polish! I haven't done a nail related post in a HOT minute, but I've still been wearing nail polish constantly (just not changing it every four days like I used to...wow I've gotten lazy!) and the pastel shades have been a go to (even in the dead of winter :P )! I've also thrown in a couple of brighter shades just so it wasn't all pastel! Let's go!


Monthly Favourites // August 2016

So we are well and truly on our way to the end of the year - mind boggling isn't it?! August has been pretty busy! Last week was assessment-heavy, but from here on out I pretty much have some sort of assessment every week which should be fun... Also - in case you missed it, Brisbane (where I live) was hit with Thor-mania! It was a bit hilarious actually, but Thor Ragnarok is currently filming at the Gold Coast and they came up to Brisbane for a few days to film some "city" scenes. They legit "transformed" Brisbane into New York City and disrupted traffic which got some people pretty annoyed but they also attracted huge crowds (me included...). What can I say, nothing ever happens here and that was pretty damn exciting! After waiting a solid few hours (in the rain!), I got a photo with Chris Hemsworth! Actually not my photo, but I sneaked in the background ;P Unfortunately, I didn't get one with my one true love Tom Hiddleston, but maybe it's better this way.... *CRIES* Anyway, I wasn't sure if I was going to do a favourites post this month because been using all the same stuff, but there were a few products that I've been using a lot that I haven't mentioned in a while! 


In The Spotlight // MAC Cosmetics

I'm resurrecting a somewhat "old" series today, and coming at you with a brand spotlight post! I haven't done one of these in a while and I'm not sure why because I still have a lot of brands in my collection that I need to go through and document! Anyway, today I'll be walking you through my MAC collection. MAC is probably the brand you think of when you think of makeup. It's arguably the brand with the widest range of products and shades, and one that I'm sure all of us have had an obsession with at some stage. It was only when I was pooling together my MAC products for this post that I realised I actually have quite a few of their products, but there are only a few that I use really often! Like most brands, there are products that I love and hate from them!


Skincare // Nighttime Routine 2016

Hey guys! Today I'm finally wrapping up my skincare series with my nighttime skincare routine! I know that the past few months' posts have been pretty skincare heavy but I think this one will be the last (for a while!)! I must say though, an updated routine post was long overdue and I'm really happy with the routine I do have at the moment. In case you missed them, you can check out my posts about my morning skincare routine and current cleansers!


Colour Families // The Berries and Burgundies

Although winter is almost gone for us Aussies, I thought I would squeeze out another colour families post featuring my favourite winter-appropriate hue - berries and burgundies! I absolutely adore these vampy purples and reds on the lips and the nails, so I have quite the collection to share with you all (plus an eyeshadow and a few blushes!).